10 Things I Nearly Forgot

There are some lessons that I remember from my childhood that I nearly forgot.  As children, we spent so much time trying to find ways to have fun and feel good, we thought we had all the answers, and looking back, maybe we did.  A few that linger in my mind are…

1)  RHYMES SAY IT LIKE IT IS “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” How many times did we yell that back at another kid who just insulted us?   All these years later, I can still use this rhyme.  The difference now is I will not yell this. but will remember words of pain should be forgotten and to let them go.

2)  MY FAMILY WAS MY SOCIAL LIFE Growing up, my family was my source of entertainment. There were no computers, cell phones, or DVRs.  We spent time talking, playing, and laughing.  Speaking for myself, maybe it’s time to step away from the computer, put the cell phone in another room, and find ways to connect with my family again.

3)  KISSES AND HUGS MEANT SOMETHING In my house, kisses and hugs were magical and everywhere.  That is when I learned how a kiss could heal a boo-boo while a hug would help me feel safe.  I still remember that lesson but think that the magic may have dimmed.  It’s time to pucker my lips and open my arms, because I want this magic again and a lot of it.

4)  I CAN BE ANYTHING WHEN I GROW UP No matter what I wanted to be, I was told I could be anything when I grew up.  I thought I would be a cowboy-policeman that also was a doctor to kangaroos.  Realizing that life and careers can change from day to day, I still get to decide what I will be when I grow up.  Nobody can tell me otherwise.

5)  ICE CREAM IS A TREAT NOT A CONDIMENT When I was little, ice cream was not an everyday delight and was considered a special treat. In my life now, ice cream is still a special treat which might serve me better if I could stop eating it every day.  Nahhh!  I finally get to decide, after all, I am the grown-up.

6)  CATERPILLARS ARE COOL Back then, the caterpillar was one of the coolest bugs.  They went from being a hairy worm with legs to a magical, flying wonder bug that was so unique and beautiful.  Like caterpillars, first impressions can be deceiving.  Allow a friendship with somebody new time to grow so this person can morph into the beautiful person they have always been. It is you who will change as you see them with eyes of love.

7)  CROSSING THE STREET WITHOUT LOOKING IS DANGEROUS Kindergarteners are taught to look both ways before crossing the street.  I know that I am smarter than a kindergartner which is why I keep my cell phone in my pocket, not by my ear, or texting as I walk.   I am that smart.

8)  BIRTHDAYS ARE MEANT TO BE CELEBRATED Birthdays were your personal holy-day that included parties, gifts, and cake.  Instead of mourning a year that past, celebrate moving into a new year.  Take advantage of your day.  Be sure to wish big because you are old enough to know wishes really do come true!

9)  I AM PERFECT JUST THE WAY I AM As a little one, I can remember prancing around in bathing suits, costumes, and even running around with nothing on after a bath because it felt great to be free.  I was perfect.  I was me.  Several years later, here I am.  I may not be prancing around the same way, but I am still perfect and still me.  Remember that you are unique and a perfect ‘you’

10)  BEING A HELPER MEANS I’M SPECIAL During grade school, there was nothing better than to be assigned the line leader to the cafeteria.  I was special when I was in front.  Feel good about yourself again by helping somebody in need.  Remember that only special people are helpers.  Be special.

Remembering how great it was to be young may help us to remember that it is great to be alive…at any age!

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