Passion…You Are Mine

Passion is a very intense emotion.  The feelings that passion creates are often associated with adults, but it is more obvious when observing children at play.  Children live passion-filled lives.

Everything about children involves passion.  From their make-believe games to the bubbles they blow in the bathtub, everything is exciting.  To them, the first day of school is as amazing as the last day of school.  Having a birthday party is as great as being invited to one.  Even chores such as dusting, raking leaves, and washing the car are just ways to have fun, fun, fun.

It hit me one day that as a child, I used to jump up and down on the bed in the morning when I first woke up and that was the same way I went to bed, a few jumps before diving under the covers.  Maybe that is the clue to living life with such passion.  We need to jump on our beds and spring into life.

Being the wordsmith that I am, I looked this word up and realized what the disconnect might be between children and adults when it comes to passion.  It looks like the children chose the better definition for everyday living. [See #1]

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines passion in three ways.

  1. Strong feeling of enthusiasm and excitement for doing something
  2. Strong feeling that causes you to act in a dangerous way (as in anger)
  3. Strong romantic feeling for someone

Which one do you identify with?  I chose definition #1.  Which is why, I now make statements similar to these every morning before jumping up and down on my bed:

  • I am passionate with my time spent with my family and friends.
  • I am passionate about the activities I enjoy and looking for new ones to discover.
  • I am passionate about the home I have and the projects I want to finish.
  • I am passionate about my health and in finding new ways to improve it.
  • I am passionate about my friends I have and the new ones that I will eventually meet.
  • I am passionate about the tasks I do, the responsibility that I have, and the errands I run.

Passion is an emotion that can motivate us in different ways.  We get to choose what motivates us as individual and what brings passion into our hearts and lives.  We are never too old to discover new passions.  Remember it is your life and it is your thoughts that will activate the passion that has been with you since you were a child.  Now just let it out and get ready for some fun, fun, fun.

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