Reclaim Your Weekends

If you are like many people, weekdays are filled with work, family commitments, and set activities.  That is why many people spend their weekends playing Catch-Up.  You know that game where you try to catch up with all the chores and tasks that you had no time for during the week.

I dreaded my To-Do List as there was little satisfaction with it.  It seemed to be more of a reminder of all the things that I still have not done, plus new things were added all the time.  That was not a good feeling.  I needed to find a way to feel good about my list and be happier with my life, weekdays and weekends.  It was time to take back my weekend!

My solution was to balance the chores with adding more fun.  I created two lists with different categories.  You can see how I added a lot more fun items  as part of my “to do” on the weekends.  By choosing one item from each category, my weekends were full of enjoyment and my weekdays were productive and not overflowing with chores.

LIFE IS GOOD List (Weekend)

  1. Foods I Love to Enjoy
  2. People I Enjoy Calling
  3. Things I Want To Treat Myself To
  4. A Show I’ve Been Meaning To Watch
  5. A Movie I Want To See In The Theater
  6. Places I Want To Visit
  7. Activity I Want To Enjoy Alone
  8. Activities I Want Do With Others
  9. The One Thing I Cannot Avoid (might be less joyous, but necessary – i.e. doctor appointment)


  1. The One Thing I Have To Do
  2. One Room I Will Clean Today
  3. A Bill I Have To Pay

When I am in control of my life, I am able to use my time more effectively and allow more joyful time to be spent on the things that matter to me.  You deserve more joy too.  Isn’t it time that you put joy on your To-Do List, and make you a priority in your life?

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