Do What You Love

Have you ever met somebody who loved to go to art openings and see the latest exhibits?  Maybe, you know somebody who enjoyed spending a year getting ready to run a marathon.  For me, I enjoy writing and try to do so every day. In fact I can’t believe that I have already shared 50 articles, 200 self talk cards, and almost one-hour of motivational minutes.

Regardless if you are a fan of the arts, a long distance runner, or a freelance writer, these things are great only if you enjoy them.  In order to “do something that you love”, there has to be a purpose  that motivates you or inspires you to take actions.

I have been asked several times what was the purpose and inspiration behind this website.  Hoping my answers will show you how this writer was inspired to write…

WHY DID YOU CREATE THIS WEBSITE?  I wanted to share with others  how words, emotions, and thoughts are valuable tools.  Tools that can change lives by recognizing and being aware of what we say to others and, more importantly, what we say to ourselves.

WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR DAILY THEMES?  Most of the time,  I have no idea what I am going to write until I am at the computer  That is why sometimes the website is updated earlier in the day or could become a midnight post, like today.  As most writers do, I keep a small notebook handy to jot down ideas which often come up when I am out walking Jasper. 

WHY DO YOU DO THE MOTIVATIONAL MINUTES?  As a mother, I learned from watching the different learning styles of my son and other children.  Some did best when instructions were read to them, a few did better when they saw demonstrations, while others understood best with examples written on a chalk board.  That’s when I realized that some readers might enjoy a blog style (article) or quick grabs (self-talk.)  The motivational minutes was my way of introducing me – Karen – as the friend on the other side of the writing.  This would allow readers to hear my voice, my tone, the way I emphasize certain words, and to feel my emotion. 

Take some time to do things that you love.  Empower yourself to find new activities, new talents, and discover a new self-appreciation for your abilities.  Ask yourself, are you ready to use your powers, discover new joy, and have some fun?


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