ABC and What they do for me

There are some images that come to mind when I want to improve my mood or need a quick pick-me-up.  I might think of how our dog seems to jump-run after birds who fly away or the way he seems to frown whenever the cat wants to cuddle with him.  Both images make me smile and have a positive effect on me. When I realized there were a few words having this same effect on me, I started to write them down.   Once the list became a bit larger, I noticed the list seemed to include most of the alphabet with only a few letters missing.

The words on my list were words that I used frequently.  I started to wonder why I used them often, only to realize they just felt right to me.  When I used them, the results were always great for me.  My words were powerful, and the more I use them, the better things got.

Here are my ABCs which tell you a lot about me.

Ask Joy Spirit
Believe Kind Trust
Create Love Understand
Desire Manifest Vision
Enjoy Now Wellness
Feel Optimist xoxo*
Good Pure Yes!
Heal Quiet Zzzz!*
Imagine Receive

*Used in text messages

The power of these words could be seen by the feelings they brought out of me and placed into my communications.  The more often I used them, the better things became.

Our words let us know when life is good or when life can be better.  My words take me to a great place.  Yours can do the same.  Whatever words you choose, choose the good ones and let go of the rest.  It’s as easy as learning the ABCs.

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