Living Like Lefty

You may remember when I introduced you to Jasper.  Jasper is a hero of mine because he can enjoy life in a way that many do not.  While I aspire to gain his vision of life and what it offers, a very sweet gal named Lefty has shared how confidence in what you are and what’s around you is all that you need to find peace and contentment.

Imagine how great it feels to wake up to life as Lefty.  Her days are often as lazy as she wants because that is what she wants to do.  This means that she can lay about, sun herself, and enjoy fresh air from an open window gazing at the birds and squirrels as they play in the garden.  Lefty never feels any obligation to do any housework and even expects others to serve her and clean up her messes.  Lefty has no money concerns or even thinks about money.  Life is good to her.

Her social life reflects how she’s feeling.  When Lefty feels like some affection, she will turn to a friend and become quite cuddly.  Or, for the more playful times, she becomes creative and can find the fun in almost anything.  Her antics can become so comical that anybody watching wants to join in the fun.

The most important thing about Lefty is that she lets you know when she is happy and at peace with herself and the world around her.  Just being near her and feeling her vibrations warms the heart.  This is when I scoop her off my lap and hug her close to my heart.  I could not ask for a better family cat.

While our dog Jasper reminds me to enjoy life as it comes and to expect good everywhere, Lefty has taught me how I am the most important part of my life.  I get to decide what to do with my days, who to share time with, and what really matters.  Life may have thrown challenges at me that I had not asked for, but it is my cat that let me know that I can find happiness in my home.

Animals react to the world around them expecting only good things to happen.   Maybe people can learn something from them.  For some, it might be exploring a world and finding joy in everybody you meet.  For others, good things may be found within your own four walls.   Expect the best, and be aware of the goodness that is in your life now, because today is yours to claim and celebrate.

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  1. I loved this Karen. I totally was astounded when you revealed that Lefty was a cat. Cats are so much fun. They remind us that even though we are human, we are only mere servants for them to use. Always remember; dogs have masters, cats have staff/slaves. Don’t you just love cats? I do. lol

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