Let’s Play “Never Too Old”

As a child, I had thought that life would be filled with adventures because I would be able to do whatever I wanted, and everything would be ‘just perfect.’  Over time, my family and career became the more prominent adventures in my adult life.  This worked for me because I was happy with my life and no longer put much thought on my childhood dreams.

After what seemed a lifetime to me, I realized there was no reason to keep childhood dreams on the side.  It might have been because I had more time on my hands or that I wanted to do something different.  Whatever it was, I am grateful that I did not think that I was too old for my dreams.  It was time for me to recapture the enthusiasm and energy that childhood dreams create, no matter what age I was.

Here is list of the dreams that I had growing up:

  1. Have a family
  2. Buy a house
  3. Build a career
  4. Write a book
  5. Own my own business
  6. Play the guitar
  7. Own a horse
  8. Learn how to fly
  9. Perform on stage
  10. Have a radio show
  11. Take a train and discover the country

Some of the dreams have already come true.  A few are no longer interesting to me and I may cross them out.  It is the ones that still make me smile that make my future even brighter than I imagined at this stage in my life.

You may like to create your own “I am never to old” list.  Allow yourself to remember the dreams of your childhood.  If you can still remember them, they never left your heart.  They are simply waiting for you to start thinking them to reality. Your thoughts will create the joy to be active in your life and inspire all that is needed to live out your dreams.

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