Calling All Readers – What Should I Be When I Grow Up…This Time?

If I could do things over, what would I want to be when I grow up..,this time around?  This is something that has been echoing in my mind as I continue to search for employment.  That is because I was an office worker my entire adult life and always expected to be one.  When my firm had cutbacks and I was one of the people let go, I had a chance to reinvent myself.  I was challenged to decide if I would continue on my path as an office worker or pursue something different.  My goals today may be different than they were in 1993.

By having the time away from the corporate world, I discovered that there were parts of that life which had been wonderful.  One example was the relationships I had formed with coworkers and the friendships that were developed. There were also things that I did not miss, such as how much time I put into work that did not align with my personal goals.

By having created this website and the opportunity to dedicate time to writing daily and maintaining an interactive website, I found much enjoyment shared my writings around the world.  It has been very rewarding to connect with many people from different cultures sharing similar thoughts and sentiments on what I write about.  This is when I realized, maybe, I was meant to be a different person.  Why did I grow up assuming I will be an office worker and that life would take place when I was away from my desk, away from the job?

Now that it is time for me to continue my life and choose how I will decide what I will do to support myself, I am left wondering how successful has this website really been.  This is why I ask you to please take a moment to send me a note by opening the contact page on this site to message me at Facebook or email me at .  If you have found any value in this website and find yourself reading what I am writing on a daily basis, please let me know.  What may happen is that I may recognize a significant reason for me to change my path through a different source of employment.

Or, I may discover that I was an office worker, not because I had walked in my parents footsteps,  because I enjoy office work and what it offers me.  I know if I had been given the choice, I would not have chosen to leave my former employment; I loved it and was great at it.  If this proves to be the case, I am choosing to do what my parents did but by my choice this time around.

The reason I share my dilemma with the world is because one person out there can make a difference on my life here.  By sharing your thoughts on my writing, I can place a value on what I shared as well as discovering new things about how others view my writing.

The lesson I have walked away with from this change in my life is always take time to discover new ways and rediscover what from the past can make you happy.  Because like me, when you are happy, your path will be paved with thoughts and dreams to an even better way to live.

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  1. I have loved your posts. I feel as though we are connected and I get to visit with you and chat. Though I honor whatever decision you make and am thrilled you were able to offer your writings to the world. Hope we can stay connected and you do choose to continue in one form or another. ?

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