Hope Always Wins…Always

At a turning point in my life as I was deciding on several important decisions, I had experienced emotions that had left me feeling hopeless.  Fortunately for me, I had remembered that some of the decisions needing to be addressed might already be working themselves out.  This is because when I had been at another place in time, I had already set in motion some of the desires for my life when I had been more hopeful and was much happier.  That is how hope helps us when we least expect it.

The reason that hope has a power, which we may not realize, is not because we create it when we need it, it is that the hope we created during better and happier times had been sent to our future life.  We have been doing this all our lives, never recognizing how often our joy was the reason for hope in our future.

Hope is an energy created when we are at a higher emotional vibration and at a time when our great joy is at higher state than normal.  Because of this infinite energy, there is nothing that cannot be available to us.  That is when, at a later time, a hopeless situation can change in a moment.  Without any reason, or one we can understand, suddenly something happens. Good things begin to happen, which we may not have expected or been able to predict.  This could be a job offer that you never expected to come through, might be unsolicited financial support, new medical discoveries, and even in ways introduced by people you never met.  A hopeless situation has now reversed because hope appeared.

It helps me to remember that my times of stress are not forever.  Stress and challenges are temporary.  This might be the one thing that helps me to get past challenge after challenge because life is filled with challenges.  Some which I have created through my thoughts and reactions; some created by others and placed in my path for me to overcome as well.  At those difficult times, I have a go-to mantra that reminds me to have faith that all IS and will be fine in my world.  I remind myself that…

“Stress is temporary.  Happiness is eminent.”

Happiness ignites hope to exist.  It is like a flaming arrow projected forward waiting to hit the spot when it can open up a place in time to land when it is most needed and most powerful.  Simply by remembering this, I am comforted at those times when I cannot help myself, as I know how hope from my past had been sent to my future.

Feel better knowing how even if you cannot muster up hope on your own, you can let your mind rest.  To me, this means when a person has emotions that seem uncontrollable, this hopeless feeling will not place any further pain in their life outside of that moment in time.  Same for when a person is unable to help themselves due to outside influences that have brought pain or sorrow into their lives, they will not be harmed further because of how they are feeling at that moment in time.  This  moment will find an opening to allow hope to land, introduce new factors,  and allow new thoughts and better feelings to churn up within you.

Hope trumps challenges each and every time.   Hold on to that thought when you are at crossroads in  your life, feeling your lowest, or afraid that things may never change.  THIS is when you can find comfort, knowing that you are going to be better than fine.  I am talking from personal experiences, and offer you a healing thought that happier moments from your past will help you when needed most.  Hope will find you, because in this game of life, hope always wins.  Always.

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