Calling All Writers

Dear Friends,

It has been more than three months since I introduced this website to you in this letter format.  Today, I would like to update you on my next steps with this website as I begin to focus on a book which I have been writing.

When I was came up with the idea for this website, I envisioned myself sitting down each morning, after a cup of coffee, to enjoying time for some casual writing.  As time passed, I realized the writing was not casual and the daily time commitment was more than I had imagined.  It is only now when I am beginning a new chapter in my personal life, I realized how much time I can commit daily to this website, to my writing, and to an exciting new opportunity in my life.

The website began with the hope of sharing my stories and understandings which could help others to avoid some struggles I had in my life with suggestions on ways to adding more hope and joy into daily living.  After three months, and seeing the replies from last week’s request for feedback, I am even more committed to continuing this website.  At the same time, I want to renew a commitment I made to myself years ago to become a published author.  My book has been patiently waiting for me find the time to complete it and hand off to a publishing house to begin editing.

This website offered me a chance to create a new habit, a daily commitment, as a writing exercise.  Seeing how writing the articles and managing the other pages for this website has required more time than I had thought, I have decided to included guest writers to this site when available.  This will allow me to continue sharing my stories and life lessons, as well as the experiences of other writers who share similar ideals with us and expanding thoughts which we can all grow from.  This will allow me more time to finish my book.

As I search for other writers that share thoughts of love, hope, and joy, I will continue to write daily.  If you are a writer or blogger interested in contributing an article from your site to be posted on, please contact me for details or email me at  All writers will receive writing credit and a share their messages with readers from around the world.  More details will be given once I am contacted.

Since I started this website, I have shared how my thoughts, emotions, and even the words that I use influenced my life and those of people close to me.  I hope you can recognize that I continue to live by my words.  When I realized that I was not happy about the time I had available for writing, I became aware of how I felt.  By allowing time to find a solution which addressed the website and my book, I created better thoughts.  That is why after some much needed self-talk, I am at a happier place with a more balanced approach to my writing.

Be sure to visit tomorrow to enjoy some playful writing of mine that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

With love, hope, and joy…always!

Karen “Ren”

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