Finding My Way Back to Me

Ask yourself, if you could start your life over and were given a chance to reinvent yourself, would you take it?  I had answered ‘yes’ to this question thinking it would be exciting to redefine who I wanted to be.  This required me to create new thought patterns and even different emotions.

When I had first lost my job, and had to find a new way to support myself, I wanted to avoid falling into a trap that others had in this same situation.  This was to react to fear-based emotions causing intelligent and talented people to take whatever job they could to find financial security.  ‘Joyful employment’ was a term rarely considered when searching for that new job.  I wanted to silence those emotions and explore other means with finding gainful employment in areas I may not have considered, or at least since I was 19 years old.  Yes, I would search for work, but it would be based on my desires, not my emotions.

Taking advantage of time, while following up on employment leads, I discovered how committed I was to my writing, and began to think of other ways to create an income using my past experience and my talents in a career which could satisfy, not only my financial security, but also allow my creative skills to be utilized.

Who would have thought that the results of this website, started as writing habit, would benefit me as a writer, web publisher, and even create a social media presence that reaches all corners of the world?  I would be lying if I said I knew all that would happen.  What I did know though, is that the woman I am now, compared to the younger woman I was at 19, had to be different.  Knowing that, and by allowing time instead emotions to have a greater impact on my future, I have opened up more opportunities in a much wider field for employment.  My dream job is out there and almost ready for me.

When I realized how much I changed in the past six months and with the lessons I learned, I value the this time in my life.   The best lesson I taught myself was to open my mind to thoughts about what it is that I wanted in my life by asking myself a two-part question:

  1. What would make me happier?
  2. How can I help this along?

The answers helped me to find my way back to an even better me than I had been a year ago.  Holding on to my belief how I am the power in my world throughout this process, has kept me focused on finding what is best for me.

Know that even when an outside influence, which you cannot control, can change your life, you are still in control of your world.  Use whatever time you can to remember that this world is filled with infinite possibilities, and you, my friend, are the lucky one who can discover what is best for you.

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