The Wonder of Words

Believing that most people communicate with words before actions, reactions, and any other way of sharing messages, this might be an interesting topic.

For today’s writing, I decided to give you a little taste of the different ideas that I will share hoping that by pointing out what could be considered obvious can remind me to watch my words, and offer you another viewpoint on how you may speak or think.

My general viewpoint is that words are the conscious way of thinking.  Period.  It is our thoughts that create ideas.  It is our imagination which designs our dreams to take flight.  This would mean that the words we string together in our thoughts and the words we choose to speak with others can be considered the foundation to how we live our lives.

The areas that I will share will include

  • Power Words
  • Choosing Your Definitions
  • Replacing Words
  • Words to Avoid
  • Soothing Words
  • Words that Nullify Statements
  • Words to Ignore from Others
  • Words of Self Wisdom
  • Word of the Day Usage
  • Nonsense & Whimsical Word Power
  • The Value of Muted Words
  • Emotional Statements
  • Empowering Affirmations
  • Much Needed Self-Talk

The list goes on because every single category that I have listed can be addressed every hour with no effort once you are aware of the wonder of words.

Over time, my writing for Wednesday may become lists of words, definitions of words, examples of words in sentences, or a mish-mash (nice nonsense word) of different presentations or templates.  My goal is to write as little as possible on Wednesdays sharing how the value of words can be recognized without deep or conscious thoughts needed.

Today’s share is simply that sometimes the simplest of words have the strongest effect on a thought or statement.  I will let you ponder that, by giving you a hint that two words make a powerful statement.  For example, words without thought, will end this writing.

The End

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