Anchors ‘Away’

Anchors are used to keep a boat in place when needed for either safety or a temporary hold.  I remember one time, sailing with my family, when my dad had to throw out the anchor to stop us from hitting a pile of jagged rocks.  There were more times when we used the same anchor to enjoy a relaxing summer day swimming and sunning in the middle of nowhere.

Just like at sea, there are anchors in our lives that keep us from heading towards danger or offer us a temporary reprieve.  This is one of those examples where something can be good for you, and still can have a not-so-good effect when misused.  Imagine how an afternoon in the sun can be so relaxing, but six months in that same sun could have consequences you would rather have avoided.

The anchors that you create in your mind are as strong as the huge metal anchors that cruise ships use when in port.  Anchors can stop you from moving ahead, or keep you in one place for too long.  That’s when I say it’s time to change the command from “anchors aweigh” to my new call of action as “anchors away” to move away from where you are and set  your sails for better times.

There were times in my life when I had been overwhelmed, uncertain, and even afraid to admit when I needed help in some area of my life.  It might have been an unexpected invoice that got lost in a pile of papers when I was short of funds.  Or, when I put off making phone calls to avoid a possible “no” to a request I was uncomfortable making in the first place.  I even remember not making time to meet with people that could help me because I did not want to admit that I had been unable to help myself,  not only family and friends but professionals such as my doctors, my accountant, and people I paid to help me.

After some soul searching, I realized that the only thing holding me in place was a fear of the unknown.  Since there was no known fear, I stopped creating them.  I went from thinking “what if…” to “it will feel so good when…”  There was no stopping me. I was free to create plans, take action, and reach out to others when needed.

By remembering to use anchors for only a short amount of time, you will free up your mind to create better thoughts.  These thoughts will help you to feel inspired to take actions which will result in a happier and healthier way of living.

Hoping that you can already feel the wind against your face as  you move forward to a better way of sailing through life.

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