The Achievement Factor

Most of us are familiar with having a to-do list capturing all the chores, tasks, and responsibilities requiring our attention.  Being a fan of making lists for all areas of my life, I work well with a to-do list.  It was only during a recent conversation over coffee when I learned not everybody felt the […]

The Power of “Stop”

One of the words that I most remember hearing, as a very young child, was the word stop.  “Stop jumping on the couch”, “stop teasing your sister”, and I can still hear my parents saying, “Karen, stop playing with your food.”  Stop, stop, and stop!  A word that commanded me to put an end to […]

The Power of the Spoken Word

Words are the primary elements found in speaking, writing, and thinking.  Did you ever wonder what the difference between these three modes of communication is?  I believe it is the energy that is shared between two or more people when words are exchanged…out loud. As a writer, I value the written word because it is […]

The Value of “My”

There was a time in my life when I had forgotten to include me as an important part in my life’s plans.  Apparently, for a very long time, I had made choices based on other people’s happiness, their lives, and even on what they wanted for me.  It was only when I found myself on […]

Whittling My Square Peg for The World’s Round Hole

There was a time that I did what everybody else did which was trying to fit in and be like the rest of the world.  This meant looking a certain way, thinking like others, and assuming others knew what was best for me.   It took years for me to realize that by living in […]

Misguided Memories

Yesterday as I was reminiscing with my mother about my childhood holidays, she informed me that my recollection of the holidays were not exactly as I had remembered them.  It seemed that my memories about how my grandmother from Germany spent every Christmas with us were wrong.  When I was told that she was not […]