The Myth of Negative Words

There is a rumor out there that certain words used during conversations will make life – ahem – challenging.  That is a belief (opinion) that if a person says negative words, the results will be negative.  It is time that I debunk this myth. First, I share my belief that there is a tremendous power […]

Consideration: The Forgotten Gift

There are certain gifts that people can share with others that cost no money, require minimal time, and have an impact that is beneficial to more than one person.  Examples of this can be found with acts of forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, and kindness.  These thoughtful acts allow better feelings and thoughts to be created in […]

Sweet Mindlessness

If I could do something that could make my life easier it would be to allow others to make my decisions and tell me what to do.  Now that I am an adult and responsible to make all my decisions and take whatever actions are needed in daily living, I find that I no longer […]

What is ‘Write’ for Me

There was a time in my life when I had written detailed letters to family and friends about my adventures and experiences in my travels and everyday life. These were the happiest times when not a single negative word or thought could flow from my fingertips onto paper. As time passed, and life became a […]

Dare to Jump

by Jackie Madden Haugh For today’s, article, I am excited to have author Jackie Madden Haugh as this week’s guest writer.  Jackie has published many touching and personal experiences in her weekly column, her website, syndicated blogs, and most recently, in her published book “My Life in a Tutu.”  I am empowered by the words […]

Wednesday’s Words: Simple Words Become Powerful Statements

In a previous article, I shared the value of how “I am” statements can affect your state of mind and state of being.  Shortly after recognizing the value of “I am”, I realized how the statements I offer to others would also have an effect on them, and boomerang back to me.  Believing that it […]