The Lost Balloon Effect

Have you ever held a helium balloon only to feel it slip through your fingers so quickly that you could not close your hand fast enough to stop the thin string from pulling away?  I can remember that happening to me when I stepped out of my mother’s Volkswagen Beetle when I was about five-years-old. […]

Empowering Myself with Me Time

As I enjoy some end of summer free time…or me time…if you are looking for some interesting reading, please visit the REFLECTIONS page and enjoy a past article. 10 Things I Nearly Forgot A Want-To-Do To Do List ABC and What they do for me Anchoring Hope Anchors ‘Away’ Baby Steps Calling All Readers – […]

Using Mindfulness to take back your power

by Kate Zourkas Today’s article has been contributed by guest writer and author Kate Zourkas.   Having been introduced to Kate, through her writing, I wanted to share Kate’s voice on the subject of self-empowerment.  As a yoga ‘teacher’ and mindfulness advocate in the corporate world, and also with the public, Kate is both an educator and […]

The Wonder of Words

Believing that most people communicate with words before actions, reactions, and any other way of sharing messages, this might be an interesting topic. For today’s writing, I decided to give you a little taste of the different ideas that I will share hoping that by pointing out what could be considered obvious can remind me […]