Baby Steps

When I think about all the plans and projects that I wanted to do in my life and see how little I have done with them, I realized that today is the day that I can begin a new way of living. Today I will start over again, and take those first baby steps towards a happier life.

Baby steps are short and wobbly. Baby steps are few and uncertain. These itty-bitty steps can seem to be slow, and may take time to get somewhere.  There are times when we may need guidance from somebody to get past obstacles or to help us get back up after falling on the ground.  I do not want to be that baby on the ground looking for a hand to clutch on to.  I want to move forward. I realize it doesn’t matter if nobody else is here to help me up. I can do this because the determination to succeed is still in me since I took my first true step many years ago.  The difference now is that I have the maturity to realize taking steps, even baby steps, over time will become steadier and stronger leading to improvements in all areas of my life.

I am able to improve my health by simply avoiding snacking and adding healthy options to each meal as well as drink water before and after meals. By walking my dog during the day and in the evening, I am able to develop a healthier routine that will also benefit my dog. When I saw how much money I was spending going out to dinner during the week, I was able to reduce expenses by eating home more often. The best baby steps I am taking is how I can shift my attention between multiple big projects by committing an hour a day to whatever fits in to my schedule. Some days, I can dedicate an hour to organizing the basement, or on sunnier days, spend that hour getting the backyard ready for summer.

By allowing myself time and taking baby steps in the different areas of my life, I am able to feel great now knowing that I can do it all.  It is me and my baby steps which makes all things possible in my life.  Now, move out of my way, because I see something shiny and bright in that corner, and it is mine for the grabbing!

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