Council of Support

There have been many times throughout my life that I did what others told me. As a child, it was natural to be directed by parents and teachers on what to do and when to do it. A little later in life, my daily routine was based around school, activities, and friendships. During the earlier years of adulthood, supervisors and personal relationships managed my time and actions. And, then for 18 years, parenthood was the ruling task and timekeeper in my life. It was only recently that I realized that I am no longer accountable to anybody else but me. I am truly the boss of me who is responsible for whatever actions I take, whatever goals I set, and whatever the end results will be. I am the power in my world, and how on earth could I do it alone?

Thankfully, my next thought was that I did not have to do it alone. I decided that to be the best me that I would turn to my family and friends for support and to keep me focused on my different goals.

The support I require is not one of actions by others, it is the moral support that keeps me feeling good today while looking forward to tomorrow. I realized that when I have somebody to share my dreams with and who I can turn to for guidance, I can take whatever inspired actions I choose to keep me motivated.

My council of supporters are people that I respect and who I can trust to be honest with me. This allows me to consider other thoughts that might help me in ways that may have escaped me. My council consists of people who can offer advice based on their skills and talents or as people who know me very well. My council includes a friend who helps me with my health goals, another with my writing deadlines, one for my entrepreneur activities, and even one for my social life. I will admit that there are some areas of my life that I take total ownership on because some things are best left to the boss.

It is my belief that a council of support can provide you with balance in many areas of living. Think about what strengths your family and friends have and open up to them. Let them know you would like their encouragement and thoughts as you move forward replacing stress and uncertainty with support and commitment. You are the boss of you, and the decisions are yours.

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