Echoes of Our Words

There was a time in my life when I realized that whatever I said had a bigger effect on me than I had realized. Back then, I had been making what I call useless statements. Useless because they kept a negative belief alive. A belief is what we perceive to be true. That means when I would comment to others how I was unable to sleep through the night that I continued to have restless nights.  It was when I finally said that I wanted to get a good night’s sleep that my sleep pattern changed. Yes, I finally got the good night’s sleep which I had been wanting for so long. This “aha moment” started a new thought movement for me which was to “watch my words.”

When I watched what I said, I noticed how statements that I made, as well what others close to me said, were negative comments. We may not even have realized they were negative because they were simple observations or fleeting thoughts without any deep consideration or negative intent. Some comments I heard that left a mark were “I have no money” and “I just can’t lose weight.” Sure enough, that person continued to not have money and not lost weight. How easily those statements are reversible with a better selection of words such as “I want to have money” or “I want to lose weight.”

Once I understood the power of words and the effects they produced, I started to notice how by helping a friend with words of encouragement that I also felt better. My words and positive thoughts were offered and returned to me like an echo. That was when I understood why helping a friend left me feeling good. I benefited with these same words because I had also attached an emotion with my words. The words of encouragement, bounce back as hope. Does that then mean other emotions can return to us as well?  That might explain why gossip or hurtful comments create negative feelings in the ‘sender.’  Another good reason to keep our comments positive.

My life is better when I choose better words.  By watching your words and keeping them good, you too can reap the rewards because good thoughts and good words always result in good living.

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