Good Intentions

Every now and then, there is a proverb or saying that resonates within me. For today’s writing, I wanted to share my thoughts that good intentions might be the key to creating a happier life. I remembered an old proverb that stated something about good intentions and paving a path, but when I looked it up, I remembered why I forgot that saying. I did not agree with the original statement and wanted to share my new and improved version of this saying which is…

A good life is paved with good intentions.

That’s what I want, a good life.  I also realize that good choices along the way are part of creating a good life. How do I know if my choices are good? For me, it all comes down to setting a good intention for great results all around.  The way I do this is to decide on my actions from a place of a pure heart. This means that I determine what actions to take that can help a situation without causing harm to myself or others. By coming from a place of pure heart, thoughts and ideas are based on honesty, integrity, and goodwill.

  • By choosing honesty, you are being true to yourself and your wants.
  • By offering integrity, you express and exhibit thoughtful respect for yourself and others
  • By goodwill, you offer concern and recognize the welfare of others
  • By removing self-serving motives and thoughts of ill-will you are consciously removing deliberate harm

I wanted to offer you a simpler version of the statements above which is to simply want to do always have good intentions with actions that you take. A statement that works for me:

“I always want to make decisions and choices with good intentions towards me and all involved.”

The end result of this statement is that when we add the want for a good intention that is what we will receive.  Good draws in more good and can pave the way for a very good life!

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