Happy Earth Day!

It is Earth Day!  Time to celebrate this wonderful world that we call planet Earth.  Today’s celebration is not limited to different groups of people. Earth Day does not discriminate.  Let’s all celebrate!

To fellow tree-huggers, spring is in the air.  This weekend enjoy yourself with bike rides, neighborhood walks, or a picnic under your favorite tree now that everything is blooming.  If you want to spread some love, do some sort of planting.

All you sun worshippers, summer is coming, and you can feel it in the air.  It is never too early to visit a local beach or lake where you can stroll along, layout out on a blanket and catch some rays, or even dip those toes in the water knowing your season is coming.  Show the world that you care, and pick up litter if you see something.

Celebrate, city slickers, winter is over.  You can come out of the dark restaurants and dine under the stars, bike ride through undiscovered neighborhoods, or make that latte ‘to-go’ as you find a bench or steps that will allow you to enjoy some people watching and city living.

To all of us, no matter whetjer you are indoors or outdoors, you can give back to this beautiful planet with small changes in your lifestyle that benefits you and the planet.  Here are a few suggestions that make this world a better place:


  • Use cold water in washer / hang dry during day
  • Turn lights off when leaving the room
  • Unplug unused chargers and appliances
  • Replace bulbs with energy efficient model with “energy star” label


  • Drive the speed limit
  • Plan to run errands along the way
  • Walk or ride bikes


  • Opt out of “prescreened” credit card offers by signing Opt Out Prescreen
  • Reduce junk mail by returning the self-addressed envelopes with your address torn from “the junk mail” and write on envelope “Remove from mailing list”
  • Sign up with companies to “go green” and eliminate paperwork for them and you

Happy Earth day, my friends, as I chant “Go green!  Recycle!  Celebrate Life!”


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