I Am the Mastermind of My Life

I first heard about mastermind alliances, when I had been introduced to Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich book. Napoleon described a mastermind alliance as “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”  In my words, a mastermind alliance can be defined as people who support each other and brainstorm, plan, and are held accountable to achieve a desired goal.

Smiling as I wrote this, I realized that I have been forming mastermind alliances all my life. That’s when I understood why I am so drawn Napoleon’s writings. Napoleon knew the benefits with a mastermind group and the value of being a master of mind connections.

My mastermind groups have the core value of brainstorming, accountability, and support.  The thing about my groups is that even though my goals may be the focal point, the premise is still there through support, planning, and accountability.  For more insight let me divulge some information about the members of my groups:

  • My Health Mastermind team consists of wellness associates, medical advisors, and physical/nutritional experts. I call them peers, doctors, friends, and me.
  • My Finance Mastermind team consists of financial advisors, bankers, and investors. These members can be recognized as my accountant, my bank, my mother, and me.
  • The Spiritual Mastermind group that offers me universal knowledge includes scholars, theologians, disciples, and forward thinkers. Those are the people that are often called teachers, religious leaders, family, friends, and me.
  • My most exclusive mastermind group meets often and is my Life Mastermind team. The members are so valuable and handpicked by me.   They were chosen as they are the people dearest to me who love me, care for me, support me, and have my best interests in mind as I have the same for them

Look around where you are today, and realize that life can be better by recognizing who you want on your team, who offers a positive influence,  can help you to set goals, and encourage that  you follow through to achieve your goals.  We all have access to people that can aid our success. They are the people that will encourage you. These are the voices that cheer you on. These members may not even be family or friends, they can be people found through organizations, non-profit groups, or maybe a social media forum.

Napoleon was on to something when he shared how a mastermind alliance group can help us to create riches in all areas of life.  With their support and the desire to excel in health, finances, relationships, and so much more, life is grand. By accepting that you are not alone and have the power to find one person in a world of billions, you will discover how you are the master of your mind and can succeed in everything!

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