I Am the Thinker

I had always believed that if there is one person that I could be honest with, it was me.  This meant that I could think about whatever I wanted because it was only a thought.  By creating thoughts that contained words of happiness and other words that made me feel good, I was able to create more hopeful thoughts.  When I used words that had phrases such as ” I can’t understand…” or “how come…” and even “why doesn’t…” I was creating thoughts of doubt and confusion.

Negative words, through thoughts and spoken out loud, can limit or even block hopeful thoughts and desired results from existing.  When I realized the times I had been ‘pondering’ or ‘honest with myself’, I had unknowingly created unhappy emotions through confusion and vulnerability.  This caused more thoughts and other emotions through unhopeful vibrations.  At that same moment, I realized not only can we benefit by thinking before we speak, we are better off when we can think about what we are thinking.  Be aware of your thoughts.

By allowing hope filled-thoughts to fill our minds, we can build better lives.  The best thing about today’s good thoughts is that we are creating happier ways to live as we are right now, today, while creating more happiness for tomorrow.

To sum this up, I share with you the chorus of Sue K. Riley’s song “I Am the Thinker”

“I am the thinker who thinks the thought

That changes things that shape my life

I am the thinker who thinks the thought

I have the power to change my life”

Choose words of hope, joy, and love to shape your life.  YOU are the thinker who gets to decide on the good thoughts.  The power is yours.

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