Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is like a puzzle.  It is a jumble of pieces that seem not to fit together, but over time and with patience and attention, it can be a fun experience that creates a beautiful picture.

When I realized that I was the person responsible to either complete my puzzle or leave it unfinished with gaps and unused pieces, I decided that I would complete it.  Looking back, I saw some sections as completed representing the different stages of my life and the milestones that had been accomplished.  That was when I realized there were some missing pieces that had not been included in my box.

It seems that my puzzle required some unfinished pieces or maybe they were not even designed yet.  I finally understood that a puzzle, such as mine, would require more pieces, or as I call them people, in my life.  They were the part of my puzzle which I now realize has been a 3D puzzle all along.  My earlier years created a basic puzzle.  The rest of the puzzle will be built on top of this baseline by adding more pieces over time.

Think about how your life was a simpler puzzle during your younger years with help all around.  As time went on you may have found that you needed or wanted less help even as the puzzle became more complex.  It’s now that you see what you have created that you can decide on what pieces that you may  want to add and also ask for help if needed.  Do you want to find pieces for a healthier and more active lifestyle?  Do you want to add a level to your career section?  Maybe you want to replace one home section for another? You can redesign this puzzle, your life, however fits best for you.

The only thing you need to have is the vision to create the life of your dreams.  By imagining what you’d like to see in your life, you can allow time and the pieces to fall into place.  Because when you started this puzzle, you were a very different player and the puzzle you were given might not have been the one you would have chosen.  Now, as the key player in your life, you can choose to play with what you were given or redesign it with anything your imagination can create.  The choice is yours and remember that the winner of a puzzle is a player who can appreciate the big picture or enjoy the random pieces that make it beautiful.

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