“Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!”

Do you remember that line from the movie classic The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy finds herself in an unfamiliar place and realizes the dangers in her path as she looks for a way to get back home?  I had my own version of this line; it was more of a thought trapped in my subconscious mind.  I can still hear its echo through the emotions it set off “Lost and confused and overwhelmed, oh, my!”

This is how I felt when I had found myself without family nearby, work to occupy my time, or any good reason to wake up in the morning.   All my life, I had routines that were familiar to me which offered me comfort and a purpose to exist.  My daily life had been filled with school, activities, employment, and family time.  Then came my time in the Land of Oh!  I was left to wonder what happened, where am I, what am I afraid of, and how can I find my way back home?  Sitting on the sofa, that is when I realized, “Oh! I am home.  What exactly am I looking for?”

By comparing myself to Dorothy, I realized how brave she was to be on her own without family or friends to help her as she was thrown into an adventure that she never asked for.  Dorothy did not lay down in a field of poppies waiting to wake up back in Kansas.  She clicked her heels together and took action to move from one place to another.  Where did she get this moxie?  I believe it was because she was a young girl, naive and innocent.

I wondered how she would do if a tornado dropped her on my couch one morning. With no doubt, I imagined her sitting on the same couch, as I did each morning,  with a cup of coffee in her hand staring down at her ruby slippers just rocking back and forth whispering to herself  “Who am I? Where am I?  What I am I supposed to do?”  And maybe even, “Where did I find these hideous shoes?”

Since I was very well versed with those questions, I decided to remove the image of Dorothy on my sofa and instead placed myself on the yellow brick road.  Since Dorothy seemed happy with her newfound adventure, friendships, and personal growth, I wanted to take this path too.  Which is why I changed my “Lost and confused and overwhelmed, oh, my!” to “Exploring and focusing and exciting, oh my!”

No longer would I allow myself to spend hours a day dreaming or waiting to wake up from a wacky, displaced dream.  It was time for me to kick up my heels and rediscover what makes me happiest.  Time for me to accept how life is now, and let Jasper know that we were no longer in the Land of Oh.

  • By allowing myself time to remember that I wanted more from my life, I started to purposely dream or imagine what would make me happiest.
  • By finding the inspiration to be happy, I am taking inspired action to go down the paths that will take me to the place of “ahh”.
  • By accepting how even though I may have been tossed into an unfamiliar life, I could make a better life for me and the time for feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed was behind me because today is a new day, a new life awaits me.

My friends, no matter how you felt yesterday or even this morning, now is the time to move forward and discover a world outside of the you-of-yesterday.  There is more out there to discover than within the four walls of past thinking.  Learn from the fictitious girl from Kansas and this real woman from Long Island to be brave, be hopeful, and be happy that you have today to begin a new path towards greater things.

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