Living My Best with Better

Do you remember your grammar lesson about superlatives?  That was when we learned comparative word forms such as bright/brighter/brightest or thoughtful/more thoughtful/most thoughtful.  Little did we know that there was magic in these words, with one set of words as the most superior of the superlatives.  This, my friend, is why I share my love of words with you because they make living so much better.

Good/better/best can change your life, that is if you choose to live in a world where the worst-case-scenario is how life is good and can only get better.  It is that easy, because we were born that way.  Think of babies, puppies, and I will even include salaries, as examples.  From the start, they are good and with time can be even better which could even end up as the best.  We are the factors that can move anything we want in an upward direction.   A few may argue that the examples given can spiral downward.  I disagree as good/worst is not a superlative, and who would want that if it were?  Not me.

YOU are the factor in good, better, and best in all that you do.  This is achieved by choosing, what I consider, and the most magical word from this super-trio as better.

  • I don’t feel good –> I want to feel better
  • I have no money –> I want to manage my money better
  • My eating habits stink –> I want better eating habits
  • I am happy –> I am even better when I’m happier
  • We fight all the time –> I want a better relationship with you
  • You don’t understand me –> I want you to understand me better

There is a reason that I choose to use the word better over best.  When you use the word best, you set a limit.  Best is a predetermined standard.  Better allows you to keep moving forward.  Better motivates you to improve.  Better pushes you to unlimited possibilities.

There was a time in my life when I realized ways that I wanted to be a better person.  Even though I had considered myself a good person, I wanted to somehow be a little bit better each day.  That means that for today, I will be kinder, more patient, and lovelier than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I will be even better.  The funny thing about this is that the best day of my life, when I am the kindest, most patient, and the loveliest that I ever would be, will be the last day of my life.  Now can you see why I keep striving to be ‘just better’ and will wait a very long time before I am my absolute best?


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