Living Like Jasper

Let me share the story of Jasper. Jasper is a unique individual who I have been blessed to have in my life. He exhibits a lifestyle which I want to emulate. It is one filled with love, hope, and joy touching all areas of his life while infecting anybody that crosses his path. To begin with, he only has two moods, a great mood or an even better one. From the moment he sits up in bed, he anticipates a day filled with fun and adventure. Jasper celebrates and appreciates each day as if each was its own special holiday.

I will admit that I have witnessed an occasional narcissist quality in him whereby he loves to be the center of conversation or might be a little self-centered wanting to do only what he wants to do. When that happens, the funny thing is that his enthusiastic self-love is so contagious that most people willingly do whatever he wants because they want to share in his enjoyment. His generous and affectionate nature is apparent with how willing he shares any and all of his possessions with everybody, even strangers off the street.

As with everybody, there are times that Jasper finds himself alone more than he prefers or those times that he is unable to go out with family or friends. Even then, I have never known him to hold a grudge or judge anybody about something they did or did not do. Jasper truly sees through the eyes of love. Maybe now, you can see why I want to emulate Jasper. I mean, can you think of better traits in a person? I realize though that it might be time for me to share with you that Jasper is a member of our family, a four-legged member that many may call a dog.

As the weekend approaches, take cues from Jasper and make it a weekend filled with unconditional love. Celebrate all that is available to you at this time of your life. Look around your home and the toys that you have to cherish and entertain yourself with. Greet the people you meet on the street or along your way with a smile and a skip in your step. Savor each meal as if it was prepared just for you. Enjoy your body and the freedom it offers you. Enjoy self-love and do what makes you happy. See each day as a holiday. Expect love to surround you. By choosing to live like Jasper, you may soon discover that when a person lives a dog’s life that living life with love, hope, and joy is not a holiday, but just an average day.

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