Mighty Minutes

My day began with a morning wake-up call from a powerful friend. I call her powerful because she is the thunder to my lightning. This friend has a way of talking that turns a switch on deep within me that lets me support her emotional needs and also reminds me that I am my best advocate in all that I do.

Whenever we speak, we remind each other that it does not matter what somebody else says or thinks, it is how we think that matters because that is what creates our emotions.

There is no sugar coating anything with this friend, I am always me in the rawest and purest form. Sugar coating serves no purpose because it is only a gentle way of making excuses and denying truths about myself and others. By stating untruths to ourselves, we harm our highest good. That is why I want to introduce you to the practice of adding Mighty Minutes throughout your day.

A Mighty Minute is an intense minute of self-talk. In this minute, I remind myself that I am amazing. I use what can be called the I AM statements. I begin with “I am…” and follow through with only positive thoughts about me. I also add thoughts about what I want to happen with the rest of the day. By reminding myself that I am amazing and allowing thoughts to elevate my emotions, I am able to create a better day.

I usually end my I AMs and wants with an affirmation. Following are two statements that show you how positive affirmations can influence your thoughts:

I am able to make changes in my day that will make me feel great.
This helps me to focus on what I want without being specific and allowing things to become available to me which I may not have been aware about.


I can change whatever I want because I am capable of bringing about changes that benefit me
This helps me to recognize that when I want to make changes that I can with the end results bettering me in some way.

The way to create a better life is by taking a Mighty Minute here and there to remember that you are able to make changes in your day and accept that you are the ultimate power in your world.

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