My Life as a Country Song

Growing up, my parents enjoyed listening to country music and had introduced me to songs of sadness and triumphs.  The ballads often shared a common theme of love and a broken heart which touched me.  The triumphant songs sung of overcoming setbacks with encouraging lyrics that became promises to me.  Looking back at my life, the sad songs and the celebrations of life sometimes seemed as if the words could have been written about me.  Seeing how my life was a series of country songs, I decided to write my own song.

There were several things that I needed to decide on before I composed my song.  First, I had to decide if I was going to be the heroine who has survived a broken heart or be the woman who found love when I wasn’t looking.  The next step would be to decide if I lived in my childhood home, which I still live in, or wound up discovering an exciting world that I never knew existed and found along my way.  Realizing there had to be a few challenges to overcome, I had to figure out if I would finally accept who I am now or take actions to be a person I thought I wanted to be.  Finally, there was also the part where I had everything and lost it only to find it again, or to choose to live with what I have and know this may be better than chasing somebody else’s dream.

That was when I started to put some words together and was uncertain if they would be used in the opening, as the chorus, or in closing.

No matter what others told me,
I knew life could be kind.
This was my birthright to live
with both my heart and mind.

When life became a challenge,
I would roll up my sleeves to play.

Life was a game I chose to win,
and tomorrow was another day.

It was after writing the last line when I realized, I cannot possibly write my own country song.  My life’s journey is still underway.  My story is still unfinished.  The choices I get to make are yet to be decided.

I will leave my story to be written by another as I fill in the missing parts. You can decide for yourself what type of song you want to live as you fill in the lyrics to your life’s story, your life’s song.

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