My Magical Manifesting Minutes

Imagine how magical life would seem if we could simply think about finding joy in all areas of our lives, without even whispering our desires out loud to others, and all that we imagined could take place.   Wouldn’t that be a great way to live? This is how a fairy tale might begin, but with traditional fairy tales, characters must learn to overcome challenges, accept losses, and often heal from pain inflicted by loved ones before living ‘happily ever after.’  If you had a choice, would you live your life that way? When I realized that the life I had been living started out magical and, somewhere along the line challenges, losses, and pain had been added, I knew I had done something wrong.

I reasoned with myself that if I could live a life of joy then there would be only joy, meaning I would avoid adding drama to my life.  Then, logic would be that if I answered the first question with “yes” (it would be great to live this way) then the second question would seize to exist.

Hmmm! I love being logical which is how I found a way, much later in life,  to turn back time and accept that my life was meant to be lived joyfully which would allow me to avoid the pitfalls others may presume are ‘as a part of life.’

You can choose to share my thoughts and live with joy as your purpose NOW

You may have been introduced to making wishes as a child on a star, on birthday cakes, whispered to Santa Claus, when the clock shows 11:11, and even on a loose eyelash.  There is a good chance that as you grew up, you may have noticed how wishes for you turned into wishes centered around others, or less “magical” such as your health or finances.  TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Remember whatever you want/desire/wish or ask for is what you get.  Live your life for you!

NOTE:  It is not selfish to want something for myself or to put my desires before others.  It is self-love that you are giving yourself.  People often make unnecessary sacrifices for others, including even birthday wishes on their special holy-day, and direct their good thought on a loved one’s wants or needs.  I would rather share my way of self-love and teach others to empower themselves to do the same.  This way we can all be happy.  It might help to remember that each of us defines a-happy-life in different ways, meaning  your generous wish might not offer the effect you had intended.

How I add magical manifesting minutes to my day

There are times during the day when I feel really good, and times when I may need to rest, eat something, or remove some disturbing thoughts from my mind and not in the best spirits of that day.  It is during the happier times, that my ability to manifest is strongest.  I choose my happy times to create more joy in my life.

The word manifest, in this example, can be defined as “showing up” in my life.  Without needing to understand it, and having unknowingly for years possessed and used my power to manifest, I now trust what I am about to tell you which works for me, and can work for you if you open your mind to it.

Does it matter how or why it works?  What happens if by questioning it, you lose your power because the answer may be blind faith which is the magic-wand to our hearts desires?  This is why I am sharing my 2-Minute Manifest exercise with you with no reason why it works.


When I feel good and find myself smiling about a thought or talking faster because I am excited by something I did, heard, or am about to do THAT is when I know it is time for a 2-minute pause from my daily activities.


Wherever I am, I stop talking to others, ignore my cell phone, and take a breath or two to clear my mind.  If I am at a place where I can close my eyes, I will sit quietly and focus on my thoughts.  Often though, I am busy and need to excuse myself from a conversation, even when in the car with others.  I explain that I need a moment to think about something and withdraw from the conversation.


What I do next might surprise you.  I do not ask for material items, but know that you can.  I do not ask for specific adventures or experiences which I know I could.  Instead, I ask that I am able to find joy and hope with an area of my life that I recognize could be better.  This allows so many things to come into my life now, without placing any limitations on whatever comes my way.  Because there are great things available now, while some great things need time and will make tomorrow better.

It is that simple.

I take time throughout the day to redirect my thoughts to create more happy thoughts.  By being aware of a happy moment, and knowing I can use that feeling to power up more happy moments, it can only work in your best interest.  And, the more happiness you create, the more happiness awaits you.

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