My Q-TIP Reminder

Once again, I received a life lesson at the expense of feeling “miffed.”  As I walked up to the counter of our local bagel shop, I did the courteous three-foot-step-back and waited to be called up to the counter.  When a man that had come in another door and been obviously not the ‘next’ person, went directly up to the counter, I felt a twinge in my chest.  I knew it was no big deal, but for some reason it bothered me.  Saying nothing, I waited one minute and placed my order.  As I left and started to back up my car out of the parking spot, I waited again as somebody was taking their time getting in their car as they chatted on their phone.  Again, I waited patiently.  It was only when I saw a car parked at an obscene angle and blocking an exit  as I squeezed by to get by when I realized courteously was not given to me this morning.  It was me who kept biting back my irritation, me who had to wait as others went about their day without consideration to others, and me feeling so very irritated.  Who ever thought that courtesy and consideration would be my responsibility if I wanted to have a happier day?  Humph! This is not what I meant when I decided to make “I am the power in my world” the tagline for this website.

But…it is true.  It is ME who controls my comments.  It is ME who decides to be patient.  It is ME who can also let things roll off my back.  Did this make me happy? No.  Does this make me a better person? Yes.  Asking myself, isn’t being a better person enough for that morning outing? Hmmm…

The answer depends on if I want to share a life lesson or if I want to be happier.  Wanting to be happier has overshadowed “doing the right thing” for me, but sometimes my manners can benefit me too.

This is why I decided to share that being the power in my world comes with a dark side or a shadow side as some might see it.   When I am the one responsible for my happiness and have to be active with my life as is required for a good life, it is not always going to be easy.  Not because easy living is not available to me, but because even if I may be the power in my world, others are the power in theirs.  Thankfully I remembered a science lesson where two worlds (planets) can orbit around each other without a collision course presumed.

Knowing that I have to be considerate when others are not, or even courteous to inconsiderate people, offers me the knowledge that there are good people out there.  I AM the proof that good people are out there.  The funny thing is I have no doubt that all three people who were oblivious of me are also good people.  It is realizing this and remembering that somewhere and at some time in my life, I have been inconsiderate, uncourteous, and probably downright rude without knowing it either.  This is when I was able to remind myself of the valuable lesson that my mother has taught me with the acronym Q.T.I.P.  to Quit Taking It Personal.

Not everybody has a website where they can share a thought.  Since I do, I want to continue to spread thoughts that will make this world better for all of us.  This is why I say to you…quit taking it personal!  We may be the power in our own worlds, but by being in control of our own power, we are already making this world better for all of us!

PS  To be on the safe side, we are having cereal for breakfast at home today.

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