My “Special 10”

When I want to feel better about myself or something in my life, I don’t turn to my diary to feel better or a vision board or a hope journal, instead I use my hands and count off the first 10 things that come to mind.  The great thing about using my fingers is that I do not need an eraser or a piece of paper.  There is also no commitment to something I wrote because each time I do this, I can add something new or repeat something without any thought.  My fingers let my thoughts flow freely.

This is why I share with you how power of your thoughts and an easy way to let them flow so you can improve your life  Having done this for so long, I have gone create almost every sort of mental list that a person could think about.  Let me share a handful (or ten fingers) with you on some of those titles:

  1. 10 Things I Like About Me
  2. 10 Thinks I Love About My Life
  3. 10 Books I Want To Read
  4. 10 Things I Want To Do In The Summer
  5. 10 Ideas For Books I Will Write
  6. 10 Things I Want To Learn Before I’m 50
  7. 10 People I Would Like To Meet
  8. 10 Changes That Can Improve My Health
  9. 10 Cities I Want To Visit
  10. 10 People Who Influenced Me The Most

You get the idea.   Start to loosen your fingers and open your hands wide to begin counting off the wonderful “things” that make your life better.  I find it to be a great way to improve my mood, begin some new dreams, and feel good about living in a world with infinite possibilities.  Take time, again and again (and again) to find new themes, thoughts, and dreams which can elevate your mood.  With high vibrations and great energy reaching new heights, you will create thoughts which will continue to bring hope and joy into your life today and with time to be available to you.

I would love to see some comments of 10 things below that you might like to share.  If you are feeling open…please do.

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