My Way

As a child and young adult, I turned to my parents for most of my life lessons. It was my parents that tried to teach me right from wrong. My parents did what they thought was best for me as they prepared me to go out in the world to live a life worth living. Now that I am an adult, who can I turn to for answers? Who will be my teachers?

Good news is that I realize that it is not teachers that I need but a guide. Somebody to walk with me through the mind fields of life. This guide needs to be available for me 24/7. This guide needs to know me better than anybody else. This guide has to want exactly what I want for me to be happy with all that I do from this day forward. The only logical person to be this guide is me. Nobody else had my life experiences. Nobody else observed what I have. Nobody else has my emotions. Nobody else has my intuitions. Most important, there is nobody else that can create thoughts about my wants and desires.

By discovering this, I move forward confident with my life one step (thought) at a time. If I step off the path, I can redirect myself with the next step (thought). The beautiful thing with me as my GPS, as I progress down whatever path I am taking, I can look back and continue to learn from the steps that I took. Which steps were good ones and which steps to avoid that might have directed me somewhere that was not best for me. Even with unexpected U-turns, I know that the path of My Way is my journey for my life.

If you look at where you are standing now, and this is not the path you want to be on, you can look back to see what steps to avoid as you move forward. It is not that you took a wrong turn, you hit a bump that took you off course.  Or, maybe somebody unknowingly gave you directions that steered you the wrong way.  That is why, by taking a reflective moment with your guide’s internal voice, you can decide what choices feel right to you now and can get you back on track. Choices in life about your mental and physical well-being, personal relationships, and other adventures can be made by listening to your guidance system and trusting this voice.

I ask that you hear my words as a whisper to your guide as if I am a traveler crossing your path. My whisper is intended only to remind you, if forgotten, that YOU are your best source of information about you. You are the wise-one in your life. You are the expert deciding what feels right for you. You can make great choices based on the experiences from your life. You are the one that can rely on your memories, hopes, and dreams to guide you to this life. Trust yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself as this is your life and your world to experience in whatever way you choose.

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