Play With Me

Children have a way of reminding me that we were born to have fun.  It could be because they are full of laughter, amusement, and silliness.  Whenever I am around them, their playfulness activates the child in me.  I loved being that kid.  She had so much fun playing on swings, climbing trees, and whistling away without a care in the world.  For some time, she was pushed aside as maturity and responsibilities took over.  Not sure when exactly, but that spunky kid somehow found her voice again and has brought fun back into my daily life.  If you now feel a slight stirring inside, that might be your inner child wanting to play with mine. Come out and play with us!

First thing to do is think about what we do in a typical day.  We run errands, go to jobs, take care of the home, prepare meals, pay bills, and other un-fun tasks that monopolize our free time.  Free time?  Do you remember what that is?  It used to mean that once school was finished for the day, we met our friends, played games, rode bikes, made marathon phone calls, watched television, played sports, joined clubs, and listened to music while laughing, playing, and even dancing around without any thoughts about our to-do lists or about tomorrow.

Then imagine a life where laughter and giggles take over and boredom and stress take off.  Responsibilities become activities.  Chores become games.  Tasks become entertainment.  Problems become puzzles.  Errands become scavenger hunts.  When you can adopt this Peter Pan approach, joy is sprinkled in all you do.

To play this Game of Living, there are only a few rules.

  1. You will need pink-lens sunglasses to see the world a bit brighter.
  2. Share this game with family and friends so they can join in too.
  3. Remember that it can be played by ages of 1-111 and made for 1 or more players.
  4. There are no rules

Since this is your game, you can decide on the activities.  For some ideas, here are a few of my favorite un-bored games…

Car Star– whenever in the car, play your music and sing loud like a rock star, shaking your head, and banging on your steering wheel drum set
Trash Crash – carry the garbage cans to the curb walking backwards without spilling anything
Messy Meals – decide on menus for today’s meals, pick paper marked with breakfast, lunch, or dinner from a hat, and whatever meal you choose eat with your fingers.
Wash Toss – tossed laundry piece by piece into washer, for each item move one foot away but when you miss you start at the machine again.

Be creative.  Have fun.  You are an eternal child at heart, and with this Peter Pan attitude, you can benefit with his reminder and his words “I’m youth, I’m joy…”

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