Self-Talk Creates Self-Love

Have you ever noticed, when you try to help another person and offer them words of encouragement, how good you felt after that conversation? One pivotal day in my life, I realized how I always seemed to find just the right words to help others, but when I could have used words of hope for myself, and some much needed self-love, my mind was blank.

That day, I had been feeling really low and felt myself spiraling downward as the afternoon passed. I couldn’t tell if I was sad, frightened, lost, confused, lonely, or what-have-you. How could I help myself if I had no idea what I was feeling? What happened next still astounds me and what eventually led to the creation of this website.

With nobody around and no desire to phone anybody, I found myself thinking why can’t I find my own words to help me, the way I helped other people. The next thing I knew, I began to feel a sense of peace come over me, as I sat up slowly, knowing what needed to be done. I believed I found a way to help me, not only for that day, but for future disruptions that may come into my life, which might even help others in similar situations.

I remind you how, not only people living alone, but people surrounded with families and friends can feel isolated and lost without knowing the reason for a feeling of despair. This alien-like feeling stems from our unique emotions, rooted from thoughts of fear (anxiety) or uncontrollable fleeting thoughts (uncertainty), which can alienate us from the people we trust the most and love the best. Living on my own, with nobody to turn to, I had to rely on myself to find a solution to emotions or thoughts or both which had left me despondent.

My epiphany came to me when I remembered how great I felt whenever I had helped other people feel better. I had used uplifting words and buoyed their spirits through my encouraging thoughts, words of strength, and reassured them of their self-worth. My a-ha moment came when I remembered how I spoke from the heart and shared what I believed and which seemed to solidify my thoughts and my beliefs in me. It was the old “boomerang effect”, not only directing my words back to me, they returned more defined and more concrete.

Having been familiar with affirmations and positive thinking, I understood that the best words to use would best be discovered when I was in a healthier emotional state. That afternoon, I helped myself by using very simple “I am” statements such as “I am strong. I am healthy. I am fine and all will be fine.”

As time went on, I began to write messages to myself to include the four areas of my life which mean the most to me being emotions, mental, physical, and spiritual. These are the areas in my life, when balanced, offers me feelings of peace, hope, and joy. I began to share these messages with friends each morning; the feedback was better than I expected. Seeing how my messages helped others, I decided to share daily self-talk messages with the world through this website.

Now when I find myself troubled or uncertain, I have a place to look for words that can offer me encouragement. This allows me shift my emotions to a higher vibration while balancing the other areas of my life which offers me a much better and harmonious way of living.

I encourage you to create a special set of words and statements which are ideal for you in the areas of your life which offer you a balanced lifestyle. Write out a set of three or four self-talk messages when you are at a ‘good place’. Keep them handy for when those challenging times sneak up on you and you can help yourself by remembering how amazing you are and that life will get better. I hope you can benefit also by taking advantage of my self-talk cards which are intended to be used by all as offerings of words filled with love, hope, and joy for a world filled with unlimited possibilities.

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