Wednesday’s Words: Simple Words Become Powerful Statements

In a previous article, I shared the value of how “I am” statements can affect your state of mind and state of being.  Shortly after recognizing the value of “I am”, I realized how the statements I offer to others would also have an effect on them, and boomerang back to me.  Believing that it is the intention behind my words that comes back to me, I try to make a conscious effort to share good words with others.

For today’s Wednesday’s Words article, I will share with you simple statements, obvious words, and know how they might even seem in a child-like way.  This is because as many of us grew up, life became more complex.  Thoughts became deeper and more involved.  Conversations became more complicated because they involved others which meant different emotions, ideas, actions, and reactions between two or more people, making communication less simple and less direct.

Enjoy going back to the earlier time in life, with the statements below.  A time when simple statements had so much power.  Then find somebody to say them to and watch how powerful your words really are.

  1. I like you.
  2. You are kind.
  3. I thank you.
  4. I love you.
  5. You are helpful.
  6. You are smart.
  7. I need you.
  8. You can do it.
  9. Come with me.
  10. Think about it.
  11. We can be happy.
  12. Let’s try again.
  13. Stay hopeful.
  14. Never give up.
  15. I am here for you.
  16. Stop worrying.
  17. Feel good.
  18. All is fine.
  19. You matter.
  20. Believe in yourself.
  21. You are important.
  22. You are my family.
  23. I am your friend.
  24. Have faith.
  25. Trust me.

Statements, such as these, have allowed me to create better communication between me and my family, friends, coworkers, and many others.  Words of comfort, hope, love, and gratitude are powerful words that effect thoughts, emotions, and relationships. Knowing this and remembering that whatever words I choose will come back to me in some way, I choose to use the better words.  Join me, together we can start a movement to use simple statements with great intentions.

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