Encore: The Chalkboard of Life

If I was told as a child that 2+2=3 and everybody agreed, would it be correct?
If I was told as a child that 2+2=4 and everybody agreed, would this be correct?
What if the men thought it equaled 3 and the women thought it equaled 4?
How about if my family taught me it equaled 5 and my friends said it equaled 6?

My question is, who decides what is right for me? Majority of the people? My gender? My family and friends? Or…me?

That, my friend, is why I choose to think like me, and erase the chalkboard of life when it does not serve me with joy and hope.  When I am happy with the answers and shared beliefs of others, I choose to keep those answers on my board. My choices for my chalkboard determine my life.

With that little mind twister…enjoy an encore presentation of The Chalkboard of Life.

The Chalkboard of Life

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