Social Me(dia)

Social media has been around since before this millennium started and has spread out into different directions based on technology comfort and demographics. Many adults, or maybe how I refer to “my people”, seem to be the Facebook generation. The young adults tend to go towards Instagram where photos and captions are shared. The tweets by Twitter users are so diverse that I am just now sticking my toes in that water where media personalities are swimming laps around me. The retailers, crafters and visual minds can be drawn to Pinterest. The business minded folks are sharing their talents and skills on LinkedIn. Even the little ones, or the re-social media kids, network through the gaming worlds of Xbox, PlayStation, or WII. There are even social networks for dating, social or networking meetings with Meet-Up, and so much more which is a lot for a non-techie person to take in. I share with them, come and join us as our different virtual worlds bring people closer together.

Personally, for me, Facebook offers my family and friends so many ways to connect:

  • No matter how far we live from each other we can share in each other’s lives
  • It allows my friendships to remain strong when time is needed for family or other commitments
  • New friendships are strengthened
  • Special people that drifted away can have a place to find me
  • Celebrations and condolences are shared
  • Offers support and encouragement between friends
  • Let’s me know that a friend may need a shoulder to lean on
  • I can share my favorite business sites that are worth my like-ing
  • Share and enjoy belly laughs through hysterical video clips
  • Spread stories of humanity that can heal so many

The greatest benefit that touches my heart is knowing how social media has opened up a world of friendships and support for so many people that may not have the mobility or relationships that offer them a social life due to health, age, or even financial challenges.

My intent of this writing is to share how social media enriches my friendships. I have friends who have no desire to join a network, and hope they will reconsider.  I want them to understand that if I choose you as a friend online or in real life,  I am the gate keeper of my social life.  No matter how you come into my world, the respect that we share in person carries over online and that encourages lasting relationships.

Social media has become a choice of communicating as common as picking up the telephone anchored to the wall like when we were kids. Be it through post mail or email, phone or texting, or social media, connect with those that matter in any form of communication because when you live in a society the key foundation is to be social (friendly.)

I leave off asking you to consider what will communication be like in 25 years? No matter what it is, my friends, I will be part of that trend, and hope you will find me and friend me.

Pssst!  This may be the perfect time to share that I can be found on Facebook.  If you decide to LIKE me, your friends may too!

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