Stop, Drop, and Roll

Looking back at my childhood, there was one lesson that was drilled into our eager, little minds at the start of each school year. That was the valuable lesson on the STOP, DROP, AND ROLL campaign that the local fire department shared.  These simple words taught us what to do if clothing catches fire. The beauty of this saying is that the instructions are simple enough that a five-year-old can do it. In more recent years, another saying was taught to children under five which is LEARN NOT TO BURN. Both simple and great reminders for very serious lessons.

When did life lessons like this fade from our lives? Did growing up mean that simple statements lost their effect on us? It seemed that our lessons came with less rhymes and more words.  They often included emotional experiences that may have left scars or even open wounds in us as we walked away from those life lessons.

Not for me though, at least, not anymore. When I remembered that simple statements could say so much, I began creating my own go-to slogans. My mottos for how I want to live became campaigns, a series of statements that would help me to avoid pitfalls in life.

What I share with you now are not rhymes, songs, or even a play on words. They are simple statements that will stop me in my tracks, drop the drama from my life, and roll me in a direction that I want to go. I guess that is my version of stop, drop, and roll. Whatever you want to call it, this call-to-action is my way of helping me take control of my life. Some examples of my mottos are:

I want to feel better. This may not rhyme, but it delivers a strong and clear message by reminding me that I want to stop an emotion that might pull me down by shifting me towards a better emotional direction.

Help me. This one is to the point, and clearly states my intent. When we ask for help, even when we say it to ourselves, help becomes available. It is the awareness that you need help that triggers amazing results.

I am worth loving. This reminds me that I have a value. I deserve effort. I deserve attention. I deserve respect.

I matter. This helps me to remind myself that I exist. I have significance. I am important.

One of my favorite slogans that requires no further explanation and which I share with you every time that you open this website…

I am the power in my world.

Feel free to use my words, or find your own campaign slogans to live the life that you want. Life is meant to be good!

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