Sweet Dreams

Do you remember what it was like to dream without limits?  That may have been when a story book’s happy ending lingered in your thoughts as you drifted off to sleep.  As children, our dreams were limitless. In our dreams, we could look however we wanted, have whatever we desired, go wherever we imagined, and did whatever we wanted even if it meant riding a pink unicorn over a rainbow to a candy covered hut which we called home. The beautiful thing about a childhood dream was that nobody would tell you that your dream was wrong. We were encouraged to reach for the stars, pushed to discover hidden treasures, inspired to be the president, or assured that we would find true love. Do you remember how wonderful it felt that whatever we wanted we could have?

You can experience that feeling again by remembering that you are the master of your creations. You are the thought behind your imagination. You are the actions that make dreams come to life. You are the magic that makes things happen. All this exists because you are living in a dream world and have been since birth.

The moment you were born your power began. Looking back you will see how dreams changed every day just like your thoughts. When you were a child, your dreams fit the mind and imagination of a child open to magic and adventures. As a teenager, the dreams were based on freedom and independence. As adults, we can dream even better.  We can create better dreams because now we control our thoughts and actions based on bigger dreams.   That is why when a person can accept that they are their dream-maker that all limits have been removed leaving everything possible.

You have the ability and the intelligence to know what makes you happy. Over the years, you may have looked outward for encouragement which was always inside of you.  Recognizing how others can create obstacles with our dreams can free you from influences which might otherwise have diminished your desire. Dreams come to fruition when you allow your thoughts to guide your emotions and take the inspired actions that feel right for you.

Some think a dream is a hope for something wonderful to come into your life. I believe that you are living a dream that can be filled with hope.  Dream often.  Dream big.  Dream On.

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