Sweet Mindlessness

If I could do something that could make my life easier it would be to allow others to make my decisions and tell me what to do.  Now that I am an adult and responsible to make all my decisions and take whatever actions are needed in daily living, I find that I no longer have the answers which I once had.  You see there was a time when I thought I knew all the answers and had all the solutions to my life’s challenges.  Boy, was I wrong and how I had wished I still had that undeniable belief in myself.  What happened to me?  Who had I become that could no longer serve my best interests the way I once had?

The answer came to me when I had been reminded that I am not alone and can turn within for a guidance which is always available to me. That is why I share with you that even when a person may feel alone, there are answers to all of our greatest needs within ourselves communicating through our own thoughts and by understanding how we are feeling at a particular moment in time.

I have always known what to do when I had been in a better frame of mind.  Seemingly, I had all the answers on how to have a happier life whenever I felt happy.  That was when I questioned myself with “If I can find the answers and ways to be happier when I am happy, then why do I sometimes find myself without any answers?  Does that mean I am not happy?” 

The answers to both questions was a loud YES and I was not happy.  I could not find a happy answer if my thoughts were focusing on the less-happy areas of my life.  During times of confusion and trouble, I realized what I felt had created emotions of fear and anxieties.  How could I have forgotten that I am the thinker who creates the life that I am living?

Since I thought my best when I felt my best, I would have to find a way to “think better.”  For me, it was a two-step process.  The first was to simply stop the current thoughts from continuing and building a mountain of negative thoughts and energy. The next step was even easier, allow a new sense of hope to fill my mind and allow comforting emotions to step in by doing nothing. No thinking.  No planning, No strategizing.  Nothing.

That is why whenever I find myself feeling lost and confused, I stop asking myself “what am I feeling?” because if the answer is anything but good, I am building on a negative suggestion with a loaded question.  Instead, I take a quiet moment and slowly breathe in and out through my nose a few times, allowing me to concentrate on my breathing.  That is it.

The purpose of this writing is to remind myself that when I am troubled and looking for the answers to my problems that I can take two minutes to sit quietly and allow an inactive thought to help me to stop thinking and enjoy the peace that sinks into my body.

By allowing my mind a few minutes here and there through the day, I have recognized that my version of mediating is silencing my mind.  You can choose to find a comfortable place to sit or even put on soft music, but for me it truly was a simple as closing my eyes when I was parked in my car and allowing deep breathing behind closed eyes to offer me a new way to allow hope to become present in my life.  Maybe by allowing a few minutes of quiet into your day, you too can feel the benefits of a moment of mindlessness.

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