Thank you for my Peace and Quiet

by Jacki Janetzki

Today’s article has been contributed by guest author Jacki Janetzki educating the world about the Law of Attraction.  Jacki is passionate about empowering people to become conscious, deliberate creators, and her purpose in life is to teach others how to use the Law of Attraction to their own advantage so that they can be inspired and empowered to experience the joy of designing, creating, and living their ideal life.

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The following story is a perfect example of how all of us, as human beings, encompass energy which draws people, events, and circumstances into our lives like a magnet. Magical outcomes occur when we purposefully decide to pay particular attention to the things we desire to create for ourselves in a FEEL GOOD way. This is the Art of Deliberate Creation – deliberately feeling good while using the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) to attract the things your heart desires.

Every Wednesday morning, after the gym, I take myself to a café for lunch and write in my gratitude journal while waiting for my meal to arrive. Then, after I’ve eaten, I enjoy spending the afternoon sitting with my computer and writing in the restaurant until it’s time to collect my children from school.

One particular day, I was in the zone, happily writing away when two ladies sat down at the table beside me and commenced a disempowering conversation. All I could hear was them criticizing, condemning, and complaining about their lives and the people in them.

I am a Deliberate Creator with the Power to decide to choose to ask for something different.
I found that I kept letting their conversation distract me from my work and tolerated, resented, and suffered through their whinging for an hour until it dawned on me that I’m a Deliberate Creator who gets to decide and choose to ask for something different whenever I’ve had enough of the situation I find myself in, or if other people’s energy is dragging me down.

So I knew what I didn’t want.
I didn’t want to feel like I was being held hostage in a disharmonious environment.

If I didn’t want that, then what did I want instead?
 “Thank you for my peace and quiet” was the new intention I set and this felt a lot better than the “I hate having to listen to your negativity” perspective that I’d been previously focusing on and felt trapped in.

Get clear on your intention.
Shortly, after I got clear on my intention, the two “negative ladies” exited the restaurant and a solo occupant took their table.

The Universe delivered exactly what I asked for.
The next occupant at that table was a quiet, writer type who pulled out her computer and commenced working in silence … just like me!  WOW!  “Thank you for my peace and quiet.”  I was so happy and grateful I had remembered to articulate and ask for what I actually wanted. “Thank you so much for delivering my desire of peace and quiet to me.”

Do you, like me, sometimes forget that you are the Master of Your Destiny and it’s YOU who gets to choose the circumstances, surroundings, and environment that you live in?

You are the Master of Your Destiny and it’s YOU who gets to choose the circumstances, surroundings and environment that you live in.
I could have asked for change sooner, but got caught up in the drama for a bit too long, until I’d finally had enough of the situation I found myself in and felt bad enough to want to choose to experience change.

When you feel bad enough, you’ll want to choose to experience change.
Are there any circumstances or situations in your life that you would like to change?

Life Change always starts with Empowered Thinking first.
Decide to transform the circumstances you’re dissatisfied with … and remember … to change your life, you need to start with Empowered Thinking first.

When you know what you don’t want, it’s easy to clarify what you do want.
Just look for the opposite feeling, circumstances and situations you would rather instead …

And decide to place your entire focus on your new, desired reality

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