The Boomerang Effect of Words

Over the years, I’ve turned to family and friends for assistance when trouble arose, as well as offered them support and encouragement during challenging times.   It seemed to me that helping a friend was somewhat instinctive, without any complications, or a need to preplan what to say.  For a while, I had asked myself, “How was it that I could help a friend in need so much easier than being able to help myself?”

I found my answer a few years ago, after a friend had reached out to me for support during a seemingly hopeless time in her life.  Over the next few weeks, we had communicated daily through text messages and phone calls as things slowly turned around for the better.

Almost one year later, I had encountered a very difficult time in my life and found myself lost in negative emotions and thoughts. No matter how hard I tried to feel better and stop focusing on my troubles, my beloved words had escaped me when most needed.

Thankfully, this same friend stepped in by sending me a text message.  The message began by explaining how when she had been troubled the previous year, she had received a text offering her words of faith and comfort which turned her life around.  She saved it on her phone, not wanting to remove these healing words of love.  Hoping I could find value with this message, she shared her text with me.  I was stunned to realize the words were mine, written to her only one year earlier.  That was the moment I realized my statements, not only could have a significance on others, but could have an equally positive effect on me.

Within this message, I reminded my friend the value of self talk during difficult times as a way to feel more connected with her power within by suggesting she say, “I am safe.  I am good.  I am loved.”  Words which I never thought I would forget. The surprise was not how my words of hope and encouragement were helpful to her; it was seeing the impact they had on me and my ability to regain control of my emotions and thoughts.  That was the day, when my words were returned to me like a boomerang, when I was inspired to share with others the value of our words in our lives.  This is why I end this writing with…

Keep the good words flying never knowing when they may return to you!



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