The Chalkboard of Life

Did you ever realize how babies born today come into the world with the same challenges as those born 1,000 years ago?  No matter when or where you were born, your heritage and its customs present limitations in your life which were passed on by our parents from their parents and so on.   I compare this to a partially filled chalkboard detailing the start of a life’s journey, one planned by others.

We may think we were born with a clean slate and ready to take on a new world, but in reality, this may not be the case.  Most of our chalkboards have been written on long before we were born. It is a foundation based on the beliefs of others which assigns traits and roles from thoughts of many generations through ongoing traditions, customs, and even habits. These inherited traits can include thoughts, expectations, and influences of the local community, family members, religious education, native language, and socially accepted behavior.  In simpler terms, our ancestors created the foundation of our lives before we were even born…without having ever met us.

This leads me to a couple questions.  Am I a product of my upbringing?  Am I able to design my own life with what is right for me, and not based on the needs of my great-grandmother’s from 1890?  Seeing how life has changed in the last 125 years, I am confident that my modern-day thoughts can do more for my own good and my genuine happiness than what may have been good in the late 1800s.

The good news is that you do not have to erase anything that you value from your family or cultural traditions   You can keep what is valued, if that is what you want and serves in your best interest when “best” is defined by you.  Otherwise, get that eraser out and let’s wipe that board clean.

Now that all expectations and understandings from a past which you may not have chosen has been erased, write up your desires, wants, and beliefs offering you joy and hope in a world with unlimited possibilities.  It is you who can create your own thoughts, make decisions based on your desires, and take whatever inspired actions that you choose, all based on your experiences and personal observations.  After all, this is your Chalkboard of Life, and now it is you who holds the chalk and the eraser for your life’s unique and personal blueprint.

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