The Chuck-It List

You may be familiar with the term bucket-list as a list of things that a person wants to do before they “kick the bucket.”  Today I want to introduce to you a different list which is my chuck-it list. This is the list of thoughts or actions that I heard, saw, or read that did not work in my best interest.

What is good for others, may not be good for me.  What works for me, may not work for others.  People have different body shapes, personal habits, families, occupations, and most certainly, different thoughts.  As intelligent people, we can learn from others and their experiences, but when a suggestion or an action does not feel right, consider letting it go.

Listed below are a few thoughts and comments that found a temporary place in my mind.  Over time, I changed my thoughts and added them to my chuck-it list as they lost their value along the way.

  1. Ideal target weight The ideal weight for a woman my height and age can put pressure on me to be a weight that I passed as a younger woman on the way to this awesome woman that I have become.  Health is my first factor, then comes vanity.  Regardless, numbers will not guide me to a better me.  How I feel and what I see will determine what my ideal weight is.
  2. You feel good after a hard workout If I felt good after working out, wouldn’t I work out all the time?  Maybe if I feel good while I was working out that might be better.  That means walking the dog might do for me what a strenuous workout (for me) would not do.  Plus, if I enjoy it, I will do it more often.
  3. “I like your hair straighter.” Interesting how when my hair is wavy and full, some friends prefer it straightened, and the few times I straightened it, other friends offer up how they like it better when it’s wavier.  Why do they only speak up when they prefer it a different way?  That is why I choose to wear it wavy and wild because at least I’m happy with it all of the time.
  4. “You don’t need a dog.” After our dog Shadow passed on, I was told to hold off on getting another dog.  When we started to look, so many people told me that I’d lose my freedom.  One person emphasized the problem it would create when I go on vacation.  It’s not like I vacation on a cruise ship for three months.  I figured that the 51 weeks of love that we get and give is worth the one week of hiring a pet sitter.  [Pssst! That person loves Jasper so much that they are one of my pet sitters.]
  5. Finding Mr. Right  Who is Mr. Right?  Because my Mr. Right will only be right for me.  Your Mr/Mrs Right can only be right for you.  I will never choose a relationship, romantic or platonic, based on anybody else’s opinion over mine.

Whatever you put on your chuck-it list is up to you.  I encourage you to let your thoughts, your desires, and your values determine what is right for you.   Keep the stuff that is working, and open up to better thoughts for you by removing what is not working.  Just chuck it!

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