The Daily Do-Over

When I first woke up today, I had no idea where the day was taking me, but I knew today is another one of my daily do-overs. Do-overs were something that came into my life as a child when I was playing a board game, usually with a parent or grandparent. They were the best people to play with because if I made a mistake or changed my mind during my turn, I could simply say “Do over!” and they would let me roll the dice again or move my piece in a different direction. Back then, my family lovingly offered me multiple opportunities to discover different and better ways to move ahead. Now I see that life offers me the same.

By viewing each day as a new start, you can take advantage of do-overs in all areas of life. Today is the day that you will adopt the healthier lifestyle that you always talked about. Today is the day that you will start planning and saving for that special vacation. Today you will drop off the clothes that have been in your car all week at the dry cleaners. Today is the day that you see that movie that you wanted to see before it is out of the theater. Maybe today is a do-over for a day of rest that you so desperately wanted last weekend but were too busy to take.

You might be asking yourself, “Sounds great in theory but how do I make this work for me?” My friend, the answer is easy and can be broken down into two parts. The first part is the awareness that each day allows you to be active with your life choices and wants. The second part is that your desire to begin the day with hope and happier expectations will set things rolling in a great direction for today and tomorrow.

Throughout today, you will enjoy the use of your time even the many unplanned situations that arise. The realization that every day offers you time to re-do something will take pressure off today. I suggest that when needed that you remind yourself that some of today’s choices may be part of a long-term want or goal. Time may be required for some of our happy wants such as a earning a college degree, achieving a fitness goal, or a scheduled vacation to take place. The good news is that by thinking and being active with goals and desires that will take place in your future, today you can enjoy the planning and excitement involved with future wants.

Think about what goes into baking a cake. No matter how much you want to eat it now, it requires to be baked 40 minutes in an oven heated at 350 degrees. You already know that by increasing the heat to 600 degrees that you cannot speed it up with a happy end result. The actual result would be something less edible and less tasty then you had anticipated. What you can do though, as you wait for the cake, is enjoy the anticipation of its taste by laying out a napkin, plate and fork, and maybe even pouring a cup of milk that you set in the fridge to enjoy it along with the cake when it is ready to be served. After those three minutes passed, I suggest that you find something else to occupy your time that can work as a happy distraction for the next 37 minutes.

By recognizing that today is a new start, a child-like “do-over”, the choices that you make today through thoughts, intentions, and actions will add to a happy day with even happier tomorrows. The best part of do-overs…they are unlimited.

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  1. Such a simple concept that can yield priceless results. Just like children who awake every morning (despite their perhaps rough day before) and start anew. A do-over daily if you will. I am grateful for the awaredness of this reflection and give myself permission to DO-OVER. Namaste

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