The Healing Element of Time

Many of our life lessons that had the greatest effect on us took place in the past but can be remembered as if it had only been yesterday. The better lessons that we learned from and that brought us joy can be classified as treasured memories or happy experiences. Lessons interpreted from painful experiences can be classified as harmful thoughts. Memories and thoughts can create mental images which trigger today’s emotions. In simpler terms, good memories can create uplifting emotions; painful thoughts can create damaging emotions.

I share that from my own personal experiences there have been times in my life that I tried with all my heart to distract negative thoughts by consciously thinking of happy memories and being aware that whatever was haunting me was in my past. It is only when I realized that even though things happened in the past and were over, the emotions were still within me and were dormant. Those harmful thoughts seemed to be anchored to my heart and ready to leap out when I least expected it. My saving grace came when I became aware that I could release the negative thoughts and remove the emotional pain by allowing time to do its special thing. Just like driving a car, we require time to move from one place to another. Time is the vehicle when moving from pain to peace. Time offers us comfort. Time can replace negative emotions with uplifting ones. It is time that will bring us new and happier experiences. Always remember that time is a very precious friend and is there when you need it.

Time offers us a way to allow the past to fade away through reflective moments. A moment is a very short space in time. Imagine the speed of a moment that lasts as fast as a blink of an eye. How many times have we focused on one thing and then blinked only to focus on something else? Allow time that same opportunity to capitalize on the speed of a moment when it comes to the unwanted thoughts.

To enjoy life today, or to live in the now as many will say, is your choice. Take as much time as you want when remembering happy experiences and hopeful wants because they will elevate your emotions to a great place. Allow time only a moment of reflection when uncomfortable emotions bring a fleeting thought to the surface. Your emotions are letting you know that something might need to be addressed at that moment. As that moment of uncertainty passes, blink your eyes a couple times, even take a breath, as you bring yourself back to the present time knowing that today is a good day.

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