The Kindness Rocks Project

by Megan Murphy, CPC

Today’s article has been contributed by guest author Megan Murphy, creator of The Kindness Rocks Project.  When I discovered how one woman recognized the value of a kind word and the effect it could have in a stranger’s life, I wanted to learn more about Megan and her project.  Recognizing the power of ‘her rocks’ and the encouragement Megan shared with others to do the same and drop ‘their rocks’, I asked Megan to share her story with us.  My hope is that you will join me and thousands of others as we drop rocks of inspiration along the way.          *

About a year ago, I created The Kindness Rocks Project and now the project is creating me. Who knew that a simple hobby of walking the beach while pondering life choices would turn into an International Kindness Movement.

I am a Life Coach by profession, supporting others navigating the complicated process of Mindful Parenting. Parenting myself is a completely different experience. Coaching is the process of helping others discover their inner intelligence through a line of challenging questioning. The client almost always discovers the answer they seek from within. However, often times I find myself seeking guidance and inspiration from outside sources, and my beach walks do just that.

Losing my parents at a young age was difficult. I not only lost my role models, but my trusted advisers. Raising three teenage daughters without parents of my own, has not come without its challenges. Sometimes these challenges are overwhelming and leave me vulnerable. Vulnerability has never been something I hide from, rather, it leaves me more introspective. It is in these moments that I turn to my beach walking routine as a form of personal coaching. When I find myself alone on the beach at sunrise listening to the waves, I feel more connected. I’m not sure if this connection is to my parent’s spirit or my own inner reflection, but it is where I feel most comfortable. Often times, I solicit divine signs such as perfectly shaped heart stones or a piece of sea glass to let me know that I am on the right path or making the right life decision. I am curiously pacified when I find one. On the days that I don’t, I am left to trust my own guidance and dig deeper.

The beach has become my personal Life Coach
One day, I realized that other people might be walking the beach seeking similar guidance. As a result, The Kindness Rocks Project was born. I began placing inspirational messages on stones for others scattered along the beach. The messages read, “You got this”, “The answer lies within” or “Follow your heart, it never lies”. I chose the messages carefully, making sure they were uplifting and would inspire people to realize that they could overcome whatever they were struggling with. At first, I felt a bit funny about dropping rocks for strangers. Who does that? Why was I compelled to do this? What if someone saw me dropping a rock, what would they think? I was able to answer these questions and lean into my self-doubt after receiving the first message of gratitude from a recipient of a rock. One message turned into many and today, I receive an overwhelming amount of personal photos, stories and sentiments about how the project has affected them.

The project has changed me personally
I have become more mindful of others and their personal journeys. I have learned to trust my instincts. I now know that I am not alone. Many people are seeking inspiration and kindness from others, and what a wonderful thing that is. I am grateful for all of the people that have joined the project and turned a hobby into a movement. This project is so much bigger than one person. The Kindness Rocks Project is a collective energy of many. This energy has become contagious! Today, thanks to technology and social media, the project is international and currently fellow rock stars have joined the project spreading Kindness rocks throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England and Germany. How cool is that? If one rock can help someone during a difficult time, we have completed our collective goal, connection and kindness toward others. What a wonderful world this will be when we reach the tipping point of kindness over competition, faith over fear and love over hatred.

This Project is creating itself, and I am along for the ride. Who knows where it will go, but one thing I know for sure. I wake up with a new found purpose and a smile on my face. I hope after joining our project you will find yourself living more purposefully and smiling more too!

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