The Lost Balloon Effect

Have you ever held a helium balloon only to feel it slip through your fingers so quickly that you could not close your hand fast enough to stop the thin string from pulling away?  I can remember that happening to me when I stepped out of my mother’s Volkswagen Beetle when I was about five-years-old.

It happened that fast.  All I knew was that I had a balloon, and then I didn’t.  My first reaction was to be surprised, followed by a feeling of awe and amazement.  I could not take my eyes off of the blue balloon as it floated out of my reach, past Mom’s outstretched arm, above the trees, and soon floating over my neighbor’s house.  Up, up, and away.  Feeling confused, all I could do was stare at that light blue dot until it was no longer visible and blended in with the sky above.

All these years later, I still find balloons to be so interesting.  Even without helium, they have something awe-some about them.  In the air or on the ground, being filled with air and surrounded by air, balloons seem to be powered by an unseen energy.  Ironically, even if I had held on to that blue balloon, the life span of a balloon is very limited.  Within a few days, a balloon loses its shape, its ability to float, and loses any value as an object of interest.

That is how emotions can be.  They can be strong one day, and within a few days lose their shape and purpose (value.)  Or like a helium balloon, with us one minute and the next minute gone.  The challenge sometimes can be the emotions linked with the past which have no value today and are best released as soon as possible. By remembering that thoughts and emotions from the past serve no purpose, we can use the power of our words to let them go.

Recently, feeling down, I made a point to sit down to recognize what I was feeling.  There were feelings and beliefs, from years ago, floating around inside me waiting for me to loosen my grip on them so they could be released.   By reminding myself,”I am able to release emotions that have no value and allow emotions of love and peace to replace them”, I felt relief wash over me.  It was as if my inner self finally let go of the emotional strings that had lost their shape and value years ago.  My desire to remove unwanted thoughts allowed me to finally “let go” mentally of that thin string tied to my heart.

For each deflated and useless emotion that was released, I can now replace my emotions with newer and better ones, replacing Anger with Forgiveness, Anxiety with Peace, Vulnerability with Security, and Fear with Hope.

If you knew that you could release a negative emotion as easily as releasing a balloon, wouldn’t you do it?  Make time for a little self-talk and release the thoughts and feelings that cause you to be inactive or feel uncomfortable in any way.  By releasing emotions based on the past, you can open your heart to so many more joyful emotions.

Be that child with a loose grip.  Let go of this useless energy, and watch as it disappears before your eyes.  That is when a Lost Balloon Effect can put a smile on your face and love in your heart.

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