The Midas Voice

During a recent conversation with friends, I had shared that I have what I call The Midas Voice. Amused, as one friend’s face lit up at that image, I reminded him that King Midas was not only able to make gold by touching everything, he was able to make gold by touching everything.  This statement might seem awkward, but it is accurate. Imagine how great it was for Midas to have the ability to turn a plastic cup into a golden chalice. Pretty, cool, huh? What about touching food? Or, as Midas learned the touch of hugging his beloved daughter? Not so cool now.

I have recognized this gift in myself and in others with the many things that we say out loud, or even to ourselves.  The Midas Voice takes an immediate effect on the matter at hand. This brings me back to a previous post where I shared that we can think without thinking.

The examples that I share will emphasize how often we use our magic touch without thinking.  While you read these, also recognize that these are statements from the past. That way going forward you are in control of this touch. Here goes…and know that the list could be endless.

  • My family doesn’t understand me.
  • I hate my job.
  • No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight.
  • I have no time for myself.
  • I’m going to be late.
  • I have a migraine.
  • I am so broke.
  • I am so tired.
  • Nobody cares anymore.

Those statements are not shining bright with golden rays of happiness or hold any value to them. And, yet, they have been touched by your words which solidified a belief that did not benefit you. The emotions that these statements have churned up created physical feelings that most likely kept you spinning in an unproductive and possibly, disheartened way.

The good news is that our touch is not permanent if you know how to yield it. Midas may not have been able to undo the damage, but we can. The important lesson for us to embrace is to recognize what could be a damaging statement and, as easily, reverse it. See the value that is created with the following statements that can “fix” how we spoke in the past.

  • I wish my family would understand me.
  • What I like about my job is….
  • I would love to find a way to lose weight that is easier than it has been in the past.
  • I would love to find time for myself.
  • Going forward, I am going to be on time.
  • How can I feel better?
  • I want to be able to save money.
  • I will sleep great tonight.
  • I care.

As a children, we used our voices to get what we wanted and were happy with the results.  As we grew up, something changed and our words became less focused on what we wanted.  Now that I have recognized the value of my voice,  I choose to say, “I want to use my voice in a way that brings me joy, hope, and love.” And, that my friends, is how to use the Midas Voice.

Thank you for a great first week! I will be back on Monday.
Until then and always remember…YOU are the power in your world!

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